about the doctor

Professional work experience

  • Liepāja Regional Hospital

    Traumatologist – orthopaedist, spinal surgeon

  • Liepāja Medical College

    Lecturer of the Traumatology Course for physician assistants

Professional and scientific activity

    • Davos Courses
    • Annual Latvia Conference of Traumatologists and Orthopaedists

    • Davos Courses

    • Principles Symposium -Thoracolumbar Spine Surgery
    • Annual Latvia Conference Traumatologists and Orthopaedists

    • Davos Courses
    • Baltic Spinal Meeting

    • Principles Symposium - Spinal Trauma
    • Treatment of acute bone fractures with intramedullary rods
    • Principles Course - Cervical and Lumbar Trauma of the Spine
    • Principles course - Trauma and Degenerative Thoracolumbar
    • EuroSpine


  • AOSpine Europe


  • Latvian Spinal Surgery Association



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What needs to be prepared before the first appointment?

Appointment procedure

Where can the medical examinations be done?

Most common check-ups


Spinal operations are performed at Liepāja Regional Hospital.


In 2014 a serious reconstruction was accomplished in the hospital, due to which now patients are offered completely new medical premises and equipment providing medical services on the highest level. Operations of spinal surgeries have been performed at Liepāja Regional Hospital since 2009. More than 700 operations have been performed by now. Patients can receive complicated and expensive spinal surgery operations. Liepāja Regional Hospital offers state-funded surgeries, so that patients could afford such operations. A wide range of varying complexity operations are performed- starting from small , short operations like micro-discectomy, where the nerve root is released, which has been pressed with a herniated disc, without any implants, up to a large scale reconstructive operations with implants. During the years the staff have obtained profound experience, which guarantees the best outcomes for the patient.


Pre-operative check-ups are necessary for a successful surgery procedure – patients are examined more profoundly, blood tests are taken, ECG, X-rays, as well as the anaesthesiologist’s consultation before the surgery. The examinations are performed at Liepāja Regional Hospital two weeks before the operation. On the day of the surgery patients have to arrive with an empty stomach at 8am, bringing the spinal surgeon’s verdict, all medicines used daily, records from hospitals and doctors.

Surgeries are performed in Traumatology Department, where qualified medical staff operate, whose main work goal is to provide patients with the highest level of health care and comfort. On the day of the surgery neither food nor drinks are allowed – patients should arrive with an empty stomach and all examination results, sometimes corsets for the waist or the soft collar are needed during the post- operative period.


The operating theatres have just been built and equipped with the newest technologies, laminar light exchange systems which provide a safe and sterile environment for the patient, and LED lights. During the surgery the implants produced in Germany are applied- a high quality titan implants.

We offer both the special spine fixating screws and intervertebral disc implants. The combination of these both elements creates the best post-operative results.


Most of the operations are the micro-discectomy operations, the goal of this operation is to decrease the pain which is due to a herniated disc when the nerve root is pressed. These operations have good results and patients on the second post- operative day can stand up and on the third day go home. Actually, patients immediately after the operation say that their complaints have totally disappeared. The operations have a quite low-risk probability. During the post-operative period the patient receives rehabilitation from a highly qualified staff from Rehabilitation Department. Patients are trained to do exercise, answers are given to unclear issues, and restrictions of the post-operative period are explained. On the day of the discharge from hospital the patient is issued a record where the post-operative directions are written down once again.



  • Address in Liepaja: Liepāja MC, 95 Brīvības Street

  • Every Thursday: 4pm-8pm

  • Setting the appointment over the phone: 00371 63428796

  • Address in Ventspils: Ventspils Outpatient Department, 6 Raiņa Street

  • Every second Monday: 10am-6pm

  • Setting the appointment over the phone: 00371 63622131

  • Email: mertens.agris@gmail.com